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Powrtouch - General Features


All Powrtouch Caravan Movers are Designed and Manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 and conform to the National Caravan Council requirements for Caravan Moving Systems

European TUV Approved

The Powrtouch Evolution by using lightweight alloys and composite materials is the lightest caravan mover available also all Powrtouch Movers make use of corrosive resistant materials, electro-plating and epoxy paint systems to prolong life.

Intelligent design to give maximum ground clearance available on all caravans.

Easily transferable to a new or upgraded caravan.


Works on all terrains including wet/muddy ground, gravel and soft surfaces.

The Powrtouch Evolution caravan mover can move even the largest single and twin axle caravans. Especially useful when connecting the caravan to the towing vehicle.

Uniquely sensitive soft start to allow millimetre accuracy in caravan positioning.

Low battery indication lights on both the E Spec and FM handsets.

Low Caravan Battery indication light on both E Spec and FM Electronic Control Boxes.

We offer a choice of Auto or Manual engagement for our Evolution movers. A Powrbar (cross actuation) now comes as standard with all our manual engagement movers.


For your safety and isolation switch is fitted to prevent accidental use of the Powrtouch and also to prevent battery power drain when not in use.

For additional safety there is an automatic power cut off should the isolation switch be in the on position for in excess 20 minutes (approximately) and the Powrtouch is not operational (use isolation switch to reactivate).

Unique two button switch on handset to prevent accidental activation, with single button press for an emergency stop

Built in motor overload protection (current & temperature).

Automatic braking occurs immediately the buttons are released. The Powrtouch Evolution also has a specially designed gearbox with an anti-creep mechanism for easy levelling of the caravan


Supplied with a FIVE year NO quibble PARTS & LABOUR guarantee.

Supported by a fully trained technical department at the factory and a UK wide Powrwheel Limited trained team of independent installation engineers.

Work under guarantee is carried out at your home, storage site, holiday venue (UK only).

  • The Powrtouch Evolution Caravan Mover

    The Powrtouch Evolution is a next generation caravan mover and has been designed and developed in the UK. The all new caravan mover system makes extensive use of lightweight alloy materials and an ultra efficient gearbox, this combined with a new state of the art 'four-pole' electric drive motor giving it significantly increased power to the drive rollers, making it the lightest and most powerful caravan mover available. The innovative dynamic roller location mechanism moves the rollers smoothly and directly …

  • The Original Powrtouch Classic mover system is competitively priced and designed and manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 and TUV standards.
    Traditional design and construction materials.
    Powrbar cross actuation system that allows BOTH rollers to be engaged or disengaged from EITHER side of the caravan.
    Designed for maximum ground clearance.
    Fluid movement control giving the ability to change direction without stopping. Full soft start system giving MILLIMETRE by MILLIMETRE control.
    Low battery indication system (for both the handset and caravan …

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